Ukconveyance are fully registered and regulated by the CLC, fully indemnified to maximum conveyancing valuations of £350,000, we maintain large contracts with established property developers, estate agents and also deal directly with the public.

The information you provide below will not be used in any other function other than assessing your suitabilty as a conveyancer for Ukconveyance, we will not make any form of contact with your employer for references or otherwise. Your privacy is our priority.

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Ukconveyance pay an additional bonus rate for thoses licensed conveyancers performing supervisory and quality roles. As a new company, our aim is to nuture aspiring conveyancers through our business to fully qualified status.

Initaially any work provided to you will be done so on the basis that you are employed directly by Ukconveyance on a zero hours contract. Upon completion of satisfactory work over a three month period, Ukconveyance may offer an employment contract with guaranteed volumes of work. Should you wish to remain ad hoc there is no obligation to become a contracted employee.

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