Our Prices

Our Prices

Residential Conveyancing  

Sale under £250,000.00 (Freehold)           £575.00 No Vat

Sale over £250,000.00 (Freehold)              £695.00 No Vat

Sale over £400,000.00 (Freehold)     £795.00 No Vat

Sale over £1,000.000.00 (Freehold)  Please call us to discuss

Purchase under £250,000.00 (Freehold)  £645.00 No Vat

Purchase over £250,000.00  (Freehold)    £745.00 No Vat

Purchase over £500,000.00 (Freehold)   £875.00 No Vat

Purchase over £1,000.000.00 (Freehold) Please call us to discuss

Lender for acting for Lender (Each)           £140.00  No Vat

Leasehold Matter Fee                                  £140.00 No Vat

Shared Ownership Fee                          £150.00  no Vat

Help to Buy Fee                                       £175.00  no Vat

New Build Fee                                         £175.00 no Vat

Unregistered Land fee                           £150.00 No Vat

Help to Buy ISA                                      £50 no Vat

SDLT Fee                                                        £75.00  No Vat

Indemnity Policy Fee                                   £25.00 No Vat (Each)

Gifted Deposit Fee (each)                          £50.00 No Vat

Statutory Declaration Fee                          £100.00 No Vat

Re-mortgage Fee                                        £495.00 No Vat

Auction Pack Fee                                        £175.00 No Vat

Transfer of Equity                                      £300.00 No Vat

Transfer of Equity with Mortgage          £450 No Vat

Other Land Registry Applications           from £200  No Vat

Other property written advice will be charged at £175.00 No Vat per Hour


Commercial Conveyancing:-


New Commercial Lease                                   £1200.00 No Vat

Existing Lease Assignment                              £975.00 No Vat

Business Sale Agreement                                £450.00 No Vat

Lease Surrender Deed                                     £300.00 No Vat

Commercial Freehold Purchase                     £200.00 per Hour (no VAT)

Other Commercial Property Matter             £200.00 per Hour (no VAT)